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Downloading the driver Once you have performed all the necessary equipment layout for the ij start canon arrangement, you will now need to download the driver programming. In a similar window that guided you through the last two advances, you currently need to select the next progression, i.e. "Download driver software". Install this connection. When you tap this link, your document is downloaded. You can check the progress of this download in the footer of the application window. Follow the techniques below to start setting up your Canon inkjet printer.

The absolute initial stage of this cycle is to download a gadget, pc, or pc. Currently, open your gadget internet browser, you can choose any internet browser like Google Chrome, Internet Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. Find the address bar in the program on the top table.

 Type "" in the address bar, then click Enter. You will currently be redirected to the landing page of the site. On the landing page, you will see tabs for different systems. You must press the "Configure" symbol. The moment you click on it, you will be taken to another window

Here you must enter your model number. You can enter your model number physically, or you can use the snap-selection option available on the bottom card in the same location. When you enter the model number and click into place, the layout guidelines for your specific model are displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen. Setting up equipment Before making the event, you must first complete the setup cycle for your equipment Unpack your printer in the same way as you find in the video instruction tutorial for your printer available on the website, ij start the cannon event. 

Use the power link to flexibly pair your printer gadget with power and turn on your printer. You currently need to save the underlying printer settings. This means that you have to set your inclinations such as language, date, zone, and time in the control panel. 

The tutorial in the video on ij.start.cannon shows you ways to stack the cartridge and stack them carefully. Once selected, click "Next". On the next screen, select your residence and then click "Next". The next screen that appears is "Product Installation List". Here you have to choose the product you want to present. If you do not know what programming to introduce at this point, introduce all available programs, you can usually uninstall the one you do not need. Once you have selected the product, click on "Next"

You are currently referred to the "License Agreement Document". https / Browse this archive carefully, click "Yes" later if you accept all the terms. This will display the "Allow installation wizard process" window on your screen. Click the "Next" button again. When the "Wireless Layout Pairing" screen appears, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Do this until the orange warning light flashes several times, discharge the plug after the next glow. Confirm that the blue shaded Wi-Fi light is shining fast and http / Click the "Next" button. In this cycle, your organization's affiliation is otherwise "crippled". Sit for a while so that your printer can interface. The following window on your device is currently asking you to enter your geological location. Configuring your printer gadget Once you have performed the hardware configuration and downloaded the printer driver programming according to the instructions in the "ij start canon arrangement", select the next step, ie. the configuration of your gadget.  

To start this cycle, first, make sure your printer is turned on. To do this, make sure the green light on your gadget is on. After double-clicking on the downloaded schedule, "User Control Assistant" will appear on your screen. Click the "Run" button here to let the product run on your screen. You currently have the driver to program "welcome window".